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PhotoCeramicArt Inc. produces permanent kiln fired digital images for ceramic, porcelain and glass. We can reproduce any digital photo, print or fine art with our new system that has vibrant reds, browns, blues, greens and violets.

Our Kiln fired tile has an amazing durable glossy finish and vividness that will withstand the test of time.

PhotoCeramicArt Inc. is the only company in the world that can provide you with bright, vivid and bold colors that last forever. 

Sunlight from ultraviolet to infrared and any extreme in weather will not discolor or damage our tile. That are suitable for use on indoor or outdoor walls, countertops, patios or swimming pools.

Allow us to quote you by sending us a sample image or the total area that is going to be decorated.

PhotoCeramicArt Inc.
5524 W Belmont Ave.,
Chicago, IL. 60641, USA

Contact person: Gerard
Email: info@photoceramicart.com

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