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Application Deco or Mural

We are capable of producing a digital kiln fired deco tile or an entire mural. Size is not a limitiation.

Our kiln fired murals are numbered and Graphed for easy installation.

We also have the ability to produce a custom design to your clientele needs.

Let us help you create an exceptional kiln fired photo-tile.

Our kiln fired permanent process offers you the opportunity to serve your customers with a superior and unique product.

Our process supports most ceramic or porcelain tile types, make and brands.


Kitchen, Bathroom, Floor, Deck, Spa, hot tub, bath, swimming pool, swimming baths, pool, steam bath, Architecture, design on buildings, eating place, eatery, bistro, café, backsplash, buffet, Restaurant, Indoor, Outdoor, Direct sunlight, Hot and Cold area, fireplace, High traffic area, decorative, art mural, custom design art, coasters, designer jewelry box, advertisement, window mural, school mural, government funded projects, nonprofit fundraisers, Business promotional piece, terra cotta, gift, wall hangings, photomurals, street mural, memoirs, keepsakes, wall art, plaques and more…

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